rook thumbs and wip, Time Wars - Mending Blast

So I wasn't crazy about my last Rook character design so I did some more sketches and chose the third one. Still not really that crazy about the design but maybe once i detail it up more my mind will change.

Also I started doing artwork for an upcoming trading card game called "Time Wars" and this is the frist illustration for them...more to come soon!



this is for the latest Chow on conceptart.org, design a character after a chess piece...i love using the lasso tool with a large soft brush! I might just do another character instead of taking this any further, we'll see


94 95 96

update on previous environment and more faces, only 4 LEFT!!!!


Face 93 and EoW's

Bottom two are for Conceptart.org's environment of the week. Bottom one was for the topic "Ho Chi Minh Grand Hotel" and the middle one is for the topic Ruined Temple of the Horned Ones" which is still a work in progress


face 90 91 92

played around with sculptris for the second one, really cool program