Face 25 and Random Character

Face 23 and 24

second one was a Fathers Day gift for my cousin Ron, it's a portrait of his daughter Naomi


Face 021 and sketches

Doing some super rough sketches, trying to get interesting compositions


Face 018 and Vehicle

started watching Game of Thrones...


Face 014 and random environment

I did this face yesterday, but I'll have a couple faces tomorrow to make up for today


Face 012

I'm gonna have to give this self portrait another try cause I'm not happy with the right side of my face...didn't realize how bad it looked until after I called it finished


Face 011 and folds

Face 010 and Airport

Been nerding out over E3 today but i managed to do a head...every 10th head i'm going to do without reference to try and apply what i've learned

and also here is a random environment i did yesterday


face 007


first posstt

So I thought it might be a good idea to have my own blog so I could have all the artwork I'm doing in one place.

I'm on day 6 of my 100 faces in 100 days project so here's where I'm at with that. I'm also participating in the 30 Day Sketch Challenge and I've already done 2 pieces for that as well.

so i should have at least 2 things everyday to post, its going to be a busy month...